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Le Parapluie de Cherbourg creates custom-made co-branding models with the greatest luxury brands: Moët et Chandon, Cartier, Louis Roederer, Baccarat…

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg is a gift which is appreciated to its true worth. We work in co-branding with the most famous brands as well as with companies so as to create unique and personalised gifts that equal their reputation. We adapt to each brand and offer custom-made collections – fabric, colours… The brand name Le Parapluie de Cherbourg is discreetly laser-engraved onto the wood of the handle to make way for your identity. You can therefore give a beautiful business gift bearing the name of your company. Prestigious, the Cherbourg umbrella is more than just a gift. Gratifying and flattering, it will honour the personality receiving it.

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A company gift
made in France

Giving a Cherbourg umbrella is giving a business gift that is refined, ethical, customisable and made in France. Le Parapluie de Cherbourg umbrellas are excellent products that have been hand-made in Cherbourg since 1986. Their quality and traditional savoir-faire have seduced the greatest luxury brands and have been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. Associate the quality of the Parapluie de Cherbourg (Cherbourg Umbrella) to your company’s brand image.

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A gift full of symbols

As a weather protection accessory against the rain or the sun, an umbrella protects. It will protect your clients, collaborators, associates, suppliers… It is a symbolic company gift. A gift that tells a story.

The story of a traditional savoir-faire which perpetuates through time. As a synonym of a certain way of life, the Cherbourg umbrella is a business gift full of subtle symbols.

An eternal gift

Unlike a bottle of champagne, a fine wine, a high-tech object, Le Parapluie de Cherbourg is a stunning object which one will keep throughout the years. Giving a Parapluie de Cherbourg (Cherbourg Umbrella) is giving an eternal, creative and luxurious gift that will distinguish itself from its rivals.

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Le Parapluie de Cherbourg signifies : 2 boutiques in Cherbourg, 30 resellers in France, a large part of export sales in Korea, the United States and Japan…

A gift that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical

Giving a Parapluie de Cherbourg (Cherbourg Umbrella) is a true sign of gratitude. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, Le Parapluie de Cherbourg (Cherbourg Umbrella) is an exceptional product which combines the useful and the pleasant. Far from being an advertising umbrella, the Cherbourg umbrella is an accessory that never goes out of fashion whatever the wardrobe. Whether you wish to win the loyalty of your collaborators, thank your employees, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, simply treat someone at the end of the year or at Christmas… Le Parapluie de Cherbourg is the sign that you truly care about somebody.

Forget about advertising gifts, cards and boxsets, vouchers, bags, pens, keyrings, accessories, USB sticks… Make an impression with an original idea for a business gift. Give a valuable object to your clients, prospects and collaborators. Choose amongst our umbrella collection and give a top quality gift bearing the effigy of your brand. Have your logo embroidered onto the umbrella; the brand name Le Parapluie de Cherbourg will only appear on the ring and on the label in order the certify its manufacturing. Orders go from 10 – 20 pieces to 3,000 umbrellas.

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