L’Art du Bonheur – Limited Edition

From 145,00 TTC

Collaboration with Frédéric Julien. A limited edition “L’Art du Bonheur” Antibourrasque umbrella.



Born from the encounter between Charles Yvon and French designer Frédéric Julien, this model will bring you both pleasure and delight when using it. This black umbrella is hand-made in limited quantities within our Manufacture and is embroidered with the emblems of Le Véritable Cherbourg and L’Art du Bonheur.


  • Resistance to the wind: tested with winds up to 155 km/h (≈ 96.3 mph)
  • Height 90 cm / 35.4’’
  • Diameter 100 cm / 39.4’’
  • Weight 525 gr / 1.16 lb
  • Straight handle made out of Jura hornbeam
  • Fittings with ruthenium grey finish


• Secured transportation box
• Double-wall corrugated cardboard box
• Recycled paper
• Umbrella wrapped in shock-resistant bubble wrap