Parapluie Ombrelle – Sunshade umbrella

From 370,00 TTC

The Parapluie Ombrelle for your special occasions.


The sunshade umbrella is a collector’s piece which comes with a choice of two handles: one made out of rush which acquires a patina over time, or one made out of bamboo for a more unique touch.


  • Resistance to the wind: tested with winds up to 120 km/h (≈ 74.6 mph)
  • Curved handle made out of rush or bamboo
  • Fittings with 24-carat gold finish
  • Leather protective piece
  • Diameter 100 cm / 39.4’’
  • Height 90 cm / 35.4’’
  • Weight 450 gr / 0.99 lb


• Secured transportation box
• Double-wall corrugated cardboard box
• Recycled paper
• Umbrella wrapped in shock-resistant bubble wrap