Choosing your Parapluie de Cherbourg

To help you choose your Cherbourg umbrella, we give you our advice.

Tips from the house

Buying a Cherbourg umbrella is a long-term investment, and also a "coup de coeur" for lovers of beautiful objects. It requires careful thought before deciding on color, function and size. We'll help you define the model that best suits your destiny. Our grid will help you choose the model best suited to your size and lifestyle. But of course, your options don't stop there: color, materials, handle shape, height, diameter - dozens if not hundreds of combinations are possible to help you find THE pink, green or blue umbrella perfectly suited to your desires, habits and personality. Pink, yellow, red or blue umbrellas: to each his own!

An unusual umbrella

A Cherbourg umbrella is no ordinary umbrella. It's a unique object, crafted with the utmost care by passionate luxury manufacturers, in workshops where one watchword reigns supreme: zero faults, zero defects. We choose the taffetas for our fabrics with the utmost care, and make sure to deliver the highest quality colors and shades. Are you looking for a bright yellow umbrella, a real ray of sunshine to pierce the clouds and triumph over the rain? You'll find it in our pages.

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The color of your umbrella says a lot more about who you are than you might think... A pink, green or yellow umbrella, to color the world to your heart's content! A big red umbrella or a small yellow one spread over your head on a bad-weather day becomes much more than a utilitarian item designed to shelter you: it's a message you send around the world, a splash of color you give as a gift to the street, and last but not least, it's a business card you leave in your wake. It's a way of letting people know that you know exactly who you are and where you're going, and that nothing, not even a nice rain shower, can deter you. Sober chic and elegance. For more discreet personalities, a more sober color scheme, combined with the elegant design of our umbrellas, simply asserts the confidence with which you walk through the world: on your wrist or over your shoulder, a beautiful brown, navy or anthracite umbrella takes on its full stature as an indispensable chic and elegant accessory, and becomes your infallible partner, by your side in all circumstances.

Find the perfect umbrella

Find the perfect umbrella with our guide and options. Have you always dreamed of a pink umbrella with a beautiful curved handle? The Milady is for you! With its rush handle and superb beechwood shaft, it's sure to tell the world that its owner cultivates chic and lightness like no other! Prefer the white of maple to the golden yellow of rush? The Ville will delight you with its beautiful ringed handle. Looking for a pink or fuchsia umbrella that's easier to carry? The Demoiselle should give you full satisfaction, thanks to its 80 cm height which still allows it to spread its canopy over a 90 cm span. Gentlemen, don't feel short-changed! With curved or straight handles, diameters ranging from 95 to 127 cm, and a choice of ten or so colors to help you find the one that suits you best: don't wait any longer to meet your umbrella!

1.70 to 1.85 mThe CITYSPORTLe VOYAGEUR

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