Umbrella styles

The choice of an umbrella depends above all on three criteria: value for money, wind resistance and, of course, design! But how do you select an umbrella that's both elegant and matches your outfit? What image does each model convey? To help you find the perfect accessory, let's take a look at the main umbrella styles.

Black umbrella: an all-purpose mixed model

With a black umbrella, you can't go wrong with taste! This accessory for men and women goes with every outfit. It protects you from the rain without ever compromising your style.

A wide variety of black umbrellas are available at Le Parapluie de Cherbourg, including :

  • the Palace model, the largest of our black umbrellas, perfect for refereeing two people,
  • the Milady model, our model that combines elegance, refinement and femininity, ideal for all situations,
  • the Voyageur model, our folding model, which will accompany you wherever you go.

Colored umbrellas: cheer in the gray

Want to brighten up your outfit, even in a downpour or thunderstorm? Treat yourself to an umbrella in your favorite color. We offer a wide choice of light and dark colored umbrellas, from red to blue, green, yellow and pink. You can even opt for the Lupin model, in orange! A colorful umbrella can be plain, two-tone or patterned. If you're looking for an umbrella that's both sober and colorful, opt for a delicately embroidered model like the Ville umbrella(product link) or the Antibourrasque(product link). At Parapluie de Cherbourg, we manufacture most of our umbrellas in a range of colors, to offer alternatives from the most sober to the most original.

Umbrella shapes

Once you know what style of umbrella you're looking for, all you have to do is select its shape. Most umbrellas are straight or folding.

Straight umbrella: a timeless classic

Straight umbrellas consist of a rigid shaft and a set of ribs. These can be folded along the pole after use.

Transparent umbrella: a touch of originality

Transparent umbrellas are a trendy accessory. The principle is simple: instead of opaque fabric, the canvas is made of translucent PVC. This sturdy material shelters you from the rain, but lets the light through. So you can look out over the sky and landscape whatever the weather.

On most transparent umbrella models, the dome is edged with a white or black braid. For a more feminine look, the canvas can sometimes be decorated with black or multicolored motifs. These contrast elegantly with the translucent canvas.

Like all other umbrellas, transparent umbrellas can be unfolded manually or automatically. Their closing mechanism is operated by hand, or with a button.

Folding umbrella: the compact accessory

Folding umbrellas resemble conventional models, but their pole is retractable. What's more, the lower section of the ribs folds outwards. So, once closed, the folding umbrella takes up very little space.

Inverted umbrella: a clever find

Upside-down umbrellas are equipped with a double canopy and an inverted opening device, compared to ordinary models. When exposed to moisture, the canvas folds inwards and does not soak the ground.