Why choose an inverted umbrella?

A new invention has recently made its appearance among umbrella brands: the inverted umbrella. More original than traditional umbrellas, this accessory is practical for everyday use.

What distinguishes an upside-down umbrella from a traditional model? How do you open and close it? Are there automatic, folding or women's umbrellas? Discover this trendy new accessory.

What is an inverted umbrella?

Inverted umbrellas resemble ordinary umbrellas in several respects:

  • a double canvas,
  • invisible whales,
  • a handle often in the shape of a C,
  • a perfectly vertical position when closed,
  • reverse opening and closing technology.

The main advantage of this accessory is that, after a shower, it avoids spilling water on the ground. Raindrops fall onto the waterproof canvas, which faces the pole when the inverted umbrella is folded. After a storm or heavy rain, it can be retracted inside (in the closed position) without causing any damage.

Is an inverted umbrella as strong as a normal one?

Yes, these models are just as sturdy as those with conventional opening devices.

Like all umbrellas, upside-down umbrellas have a shaft topped with ribs. If you buy a good-quality umbrella, it will be made from sturdy materials and will withstand gales.

Some of these models are even more resistant than traditional models. This is because the inverted umbrella has a double canopy, enclosing the ribs on either side. The frame is thus perfectly held in place. The inverted umbrella is unlikely to overturn during a storm.

Finally, the ribs of an inverted umbrella are less exposed to humidity than those of a traditional umbrella (whose ribs are visible). They are less likely to be damaged by use.

How to use an inverted umbrella

Even if you've never used an upside-down umbrella before, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to use.

When it rains, unfold your umbrella from its handle, just like an ordinary model. If your upside-down umbrella is automatic, press the open button while holding the pole vertically.

Does your umbrella have a manual reverse opening? Slide the umbrella ribs up and down the shaft. The outer part of the canopy folds in on itself, while the inner part unfolds at the top.

When you get home (or into your car), close your umbrella by pulling the ribs towards the handle.

If any water remains inside your umbrella, tilt it down before storing it. Now that most of the water has drained away, there's less risk of getting your car or interior wet.

Why choose an inverted umbrella?

In the umbrella market, upside-down models are gaining ground. Here are the main qualities of an upside-down umbrella for men or women.

Its practicality

With an umbrella like this one, goodbye splashes! When you close this accessory after a shower, the wet canvas folds inwards. So the upside-down umbrella won't get your carpet, rugs, tiles or car seats wet. That's the main quality of this innovative model.

Easy storage

Unlike an upright umbrella, it's generally self-supporting: when closed, it stands on its own. To store an inverted umbrella, simply fold it up and place it on any horizontal surface. The accessory doesn't need to be placed against a wall, hung on a peg or dried in an umbrella stand.

Its strength

These are reliable accessories. Choose mid-range or top-of-the-range models, whose inverted frame can withstand gusts of wind. As this model is made of two layers of fabric (one for the back and one for the front), its canvas is extremely sturdy.

Its originality

Despite its growing popularity, the inverted umbrella remains an original object. Many umbrella users don't even know this accessory exists! If you like innovative accessories, this is the one for you.

What types of inverted umbrellas are there?

When it comes to inverted umbrellas for men and women, you're spoilt for choice. Manufacturers are creating ever more varied models.

The inverted two-tone umbrella

The two-tone inverted umbrella is quite common. Its two canopy layers are made from plain fabrics in two different shades: one for the inside, the other for the outside.

Automatic models

Like traditional umbrellas, upside-down umbrellas can be opened (and closed) automatically or manually. There are also hybrid products: with manual opening and automatic closing, or with automatic opening and manual closing. The perfect ally for people in a hurry, who need instant protection in the rain!

The compact model

If you don't have enough room to carry your umbrella, opt for a folding model. The inverted folding umbrella takes up little space when closed. Once stored in its protective cover, this accessory slips easily into a backpack or large handbag. Ideal for trips to rainy destinations.

The transparent inverted umbrella

The transparent upside-down umbrella is one of the most beautiful fantasy models. It's an original umbrella that lets you look up at the sky through its canopy. Transparent inverted umbrellas are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or POE (elastomer). These sturdy materials are sometimes adorned with colorful patterns, for a more fashionable look.

A refined umbrella for women

Most reverse-opening umbrellas are designed for both men and women. However, some umbrellas feature fashionable feminine motifs such as flowers, stripes, polka dots or geometric designs. A fancy inverted umbrella will brighten up your outfit, whatever the weather.

Inverted umbrellas with straight or curved handles

Inverted umbrellas come in a variety of handle shapes. The handle can be curved, as on a classic umbrella. It can also be straight, for a more modern look. But the most original handle is unique to inverted umbrellas: the C-shaped hands-free handle. This ingenious design allows the umbrella to be attached to the forearm, both in the open and, above all, in the closed position.

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