The big umbrellas

Grands parapluies: French know-how

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg presents its large umbrellas, whose canopies protect two people from the elements. Find your large umbrella, then choose your favorite color.

Why choose a large umbrella?

Comfortably shelter two people from the rain

Not everyone owns an authentic Cherbourg umbrella, handmade and embroidered with their initials. When it starts raining, let your loved ones enjoy your large, windproof umbrella. This accessory allows you to shelter someone other than yourself, whether you're out on the town or playing golf.

Enjoy the comfort of a quality umbrella in your size

Are you over 1.80 m tall? In the event of a downpour or thunderstorm, a full-size umbrella provides effective protection not only for your clothes, but also for any belongings you may be carrying (briefcase, handbag or luggage). Its large canopy keeps you dry in all weathers.

Choose a large, sturdy umbrella

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A solid structure

The wider the canopy, the longer the ribs. To withstand gusts of wind, the structure of a large umbrella must be extremely robust. That's why the frames of our largest umbrellas are made of fiber, galvanized steel or carbon steel. Our umbrellas are wind-tunnel tested, guaranteeing their resistance to strong winds.

Meticulous manufacturing

We use quality materials to make your large umbrella for men or women. The wood of the handle, the metal of the frame and the fabric of the canopy are selected for their wind resistance. Each Cherbourg umbrella is handcrafted in our Normandy factory. Our small team of craftsmen check every detail, and make sure your large umbrella is sturdy.

Our biggest umbrellas

Le Golf and Le Palace: 127 cm diameter

Here are our largest umbrella models: the Golf and the Palace. Both measure 127 cm in diameter and 102 cm in height, and their frames are made of gust-resistant metals: galvanized steel for the pole and carbon steel for the ribs. In wind-tunnel tests, these large umbrellas withstand winds of up to 138 km/h. You can take them with you wherever you go in the great outdoors.

The Golf has a modern design, with its straight, light-colored beech handle. The Palace is more classic, with a curved rush handle. Each features a wide taffeta sail, and fittings with engraved ring and ruthenium finish.

Le Sport et le Pébroque: 115 cm diameter

The Sport and the Pébroque are, along with the Golf and the Palace, our largest umbrellas.
The Pébroque is the most urban and luxurious of our large umbrellas. It's a men's model, but you can also use it as a large umbrella for women. Ten colors are available, from ecru and black to red and beige. The curved chestnut handle looks great with streetwear.

The Sport looks more like a Golf, with its sturdy galvanized steel mast. Unlike the Golf, the Sport has fiber ribs. Thanks to this material, this large, wind-resistant umbrella can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 km/h in a wind tunnel. An automatic opening device lets you unfold it in the blink of an eye.

For a wider choice of top-of-the-range umbrellas, discover also our men's umbrellas or for womenavailable in different sizes.