All you need to know about umbrella characteristics

Are you looking for an umbrella that lasts a long time, and follows you everywhere outdoors? Take the time to compare the features of the umbrellas on sale. Here are some of the main types of umbrella: windproof models, umbrellas for two, UV-resistant umbrellas and inverted umbrellas. It's up to you to choose the perfect model to protect you from the rain, according to your needs!

Windproof umbrella: reliable protection from the elements

A sturdy umbrella for fickle weather

Sturdiness is the first criterion when buying an umbrella. Your umbrella must not only shelter its owner from the rain: it must also withstand gusts of wind, and the climatic hazards of different regions. Choosing a wind-resistant umbrella(link to editorial page to be created next Wind-resistant umbrella) is a guarantee that the item is reliable and durable. Its resistance depends on the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.

The most wind-resistant umbrellas

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg is famous for its umbrellas that stand up to the elements. Its strongest windproof umbrella, theAntibourrasque, has been tested to 155 km/h in endurance tests. The Sport model withstands winds of 140 km/h, while the Palace, the Pébroque and the Golf withstand gusts of up to 138 km/h. All the brand's umbrellas are subjected to resistance tests in a wind tunnel.

Umbrella for two: shared comfort

The advantages of an umbrella for two

Two is better than one! For shelter from the rain as a couple or a family, the two-person umbrella is ideal. You can recognize it by the diameter of its canvas, which exceeds 100 centimetres. This type of umbrella provides great comfort in the event of a shower or thunderstorm. It eliminates the need for everyone to carry an umbrella, whether for a walk in town, a hike or a day on the green.

The best two-person umbrellas

In the Cherbourg umbrella store, you'll find large umbrellas with sturdy frames and elegant designs. For example, the Pébroque and Palace umbrellas measure 115 cm and 127 cm in diameter respectively. The canvas of these umbrellas easily accommodates two people. The sportier Sport and Golf umbrellas also have a span of over 1 meter.

Anti-UV umbrella: useful even in summer

Dangerous UV, even in the rain

UV radiation is harmful to health and the skin. It's present outdoors, even when it's raining. This is particularly true in summer, when the sun is shining and the days are long. An anti-UV umbrella protects the skin from sunburn, and from the dangers of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Recognizing a UV umbrella

To find out whether an umbrella is UV-resistant, consult its technical data sheet. You'll find all the information you need about its fabric and guarantees. When an umbrella is effective against ultraviolet rays, its manufacturer indicates its sun protection index (or SPI). The higher the number, the greater the UV protection.

Inverted umbrella: the new trend

A clever opening system

The inverted umbrella appeared on the umbrella market a few years ago. Its distinctive feature? An inverted opening and closing mechanism, compared with conventional umbrellas. When the umbrella is in the closed position, its wet side faces the pole inside the umbrella. So, after a shower, the wet umbrella doesn't soak the house floor.

 Types of inverted umbrellas

There are a great many inverted umbrellas to choose from. Many styles are available, from the most sober to the most fanciful. Whatever the model, this type of umbrella always presents an original design when closed, with its handle facing upwards. Models are available in transparent, colored, two-tone or patterned designs.