The Brand

He was born in Cherbourg, on the prow of the Cotentin peninsula, a land surrounded by the sea that sometimes cradles it, sometimes rocks it. He has inherited a solid character. And like a sailboat flying the flag of its native port, it proudly bears the embroidered coat of arms of the "Le Parapluie de Cherbourg" brand.

A brand-name umbrella, an irresistible companion in uncertain times

The Cherbourg umbrella becomes an irresistible companion in uncertain times. It is said that when two owners of a Cherbourg Umbrella cross paths, in any city in the world, a feeling of belonging to the brand appears on both their faces. Its uniqueness and quality unite us in the four corners of the world.

An iconic brand

The owner of a Cherbourg umbrella recognizes and then tells his friends about the importance of the quality and safety of the umbrella he buys, gaining confidence in his branded umbrella over time until the "Cherbourg" becomes his irresistible companion in uncertain times. Designed and built to last a long time, it quickly becomes a deeply sentimental gift. The brand respects these values and provides after-sales service through the Manufacture. Making this work of pleasure an investment in the future. Today, the name "Parapluie de Cherbourg" alone stands for a solid, iconic and indestructible umbrella brand.

Insider details

Every detail of your branded umbrella counts, and nothing is insignificant. Indeed, a Cherbourg umbrella has a closure on the panel opposite the coat of arms, defined by two thick straps, which play with the wind on its canopy. It's a good idea to roll the fabric up in its folds, take the two straps together, wrap them around the canopy and slide them elegantly. The brand has opted for this refined yet practical closure and opening, to ensure the beauty of your Cherbourg umbrella. This is the insider detail of the Cherbourg Umbrella.

The Art of Living

A Le Parapluie de Cherbourg brand umbrella is above all an attitude of elegance, savoir vivre, gallantry, delicate attention and protective comfort in the face of inclement weather. It has entered the circle of lovers of authenticity in the same way as a fine handbag, a fine pair of shoes, a pen, a watch, a suitcase, a car, a piece of jewelry... Indeed, its beauty can be recognized and spotted when out and about. Closed, it will accompany and punctuate your steps thanks to its spindle-shaped descending line.

Open, its pronounced curvature thanks to the regular curvature of the ribs, and its expertly cut and sewn canvas, tightly stretched over the frame, give it a unique and unmistakable look. Everything has been studied and created in a natural way to let you discover the senses of this Art de Vivre unique to the brand. A timeless brand umbrella passed down through the generations.

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