The Brand

It was born in Cherbourg, at the bow of the Cotentin region, a land surrounded by the sea which sometimes cradles it, sometimes mistreats it. It has inherited a strong personality from it. And like a sailing boat flying the flag of her native port, it proudly wears on its canopy the embroidered arms of the brand "Le Véritable Cherbourg".
parapluie haut de gamme - Le Véritable Cherbourg

An inseparable friend
in unsettled weather

Le Véritable Cherbourg becomes an inseparable friend in unsettled weather. They say that when two people who own a Véritable Cherbourg meet – no matter what city in the world they may be in – a feeling of belonging to the brand will draw itself on their faces. Its uniqueness and its quality unite us anywhere in the world. The owner of a Véritable Cherbourg will acknowledge and tell his friends that the quality and safety of the umbrella they bought are of great standard, will trust this umbrella more and more over time until the “Cherbourg” becomes an inseparable friend in unsettled weather. Designed and made to live a long life, it will soon become a deeply sentimental gift. The brand respects these values and provides, through its manufacture, an outstanding after-sales service. This piece of work is therefore an investment for the future.

lanières-le-detail-des-inities copie

A detail for connoisseurs

Each details counts, nothing is insignificant. Indeed, a Véritable Cherbourg bears – opposite the emblem – two thick closing straps which play with the wind on the canopy when released. It is expected to roll the fabric in line with its folds, to take both straps together into one hand and to fasten them around the canopy with elegance. The brand has decided on this refined and practical opening-closing feature in order to insure the beauty of your Véritable Cherbourg. This specificity is a detail for connoisseurs.

parapluie made in france - Marque haut de gamme - Manufacture

The Way of Life

Le Véritable Cherbourg is first and foremost an attitude full of elegance, good manners, gallantry, kind gesture and comforting protection in poor weather conditions. It has entered the circle of authenticity lovers in the same way as a lovely handbag, a lovely pair of shoes, a pen, a watch, a suitcase, a car or a piece of jewellery… Indeed, its beauty is as recognisable and noticeable on a day out. When closed, it will accompany you and punctuate your steps with its spindle-shaped line.

When open, its contours which are marked by the regular arching of its ribs, its canopy which is cut and sown to a high standard and stretched on its structure endow it with a unique and recognisable look. Everything has been studied and made in a natural fashion so as to let you discover –throughout the showers – the meanings of this Way of Life unique to the brand. The timeless essential which will be passed on to younger generations.

The Emblem

The Emblem The embroidered Cherbourg escutcheon draws its inspiration from the coat of arms of the city of Cherbourg. One can recognise the three gold bezants which represent the richness of exchanges with distant lands. The emblem of the Véritable Cherbourg contains the colour azure which embodies the reflection of the sky and sea. The white strip, which represents sand waves, is laden with three stars that help navigators find their way at sea. At the top of the emblem, a crown topped with crenels of the Cherbourg square symbolises the ancient fortified city. On the left of the emblem, one can distinguish a laurel wreath embodying fame and on the right an oak tree embodying strength. The umbrellas are crossed in defence to symbolize protection.

Logo arrondi couleur Le Parapluie de Cherbourg
ensemble de parapluies

Gloves, hats, crystal ware, porcelain, small leather goods, trunks and suitcases in top-of-the-range leather, silk, cashmere, jacquard linen, watered fabrics, and numerous other French products of the Le Véritable Cherbourg brand which present the exceptional French savoir-faire.

A special place

The Manufacture unveils all of its secrets throughout the year non-guided or guided tours. Come and discover the manufacturing process of a Véritable Cherbourg, its story and its creations. Situated in the heart of the city, the Manufacture has moved into the former bank premises of the Banque de France, which are situated Quai Alexandre III, facing the docks.

This unique place – with its Haussmannian airs – is the showcase of the Véritable Cherbourg. It will welcome you in its sea-view private lounges and let you contemplate painting and photography exhibitions. Discover this exceptional place here.