Collectors' Umbrellas

Collectors umbrellas: our expertise in French luxury

Our collection of Collectors' umbrellas reveals its treasures. A tribute umbrella to the Titanic or the Normandy landings, a gold or moire umbrella... This accessory is adorned with luxurious finishes. Like all our umbrellas, these prestigious models are handcrafted in our Cherbourg factory, using only the finest materials.

The timeless water-green tone-on-tone Palladium handle

L'Intemporel - Tone on tone

from € 1750.00
75th D-DAY collector's umbrella - Navy - right handle - jura charm - embroidered 75th anniversary D-DAY

D-DAY 75th

from € 155.00
L'intemporel Blason model with Rose Gold handle

L'Intemporel - Coordinated Coat of Arms

from € 1750.00
Model Le Sport Le Titanic Marine Open Front View

L'Antibourrasque - Titanic

from €230
Model Le Sport Le Titanic Marine Open

SPORT - Titanic

from €270
parapluies de cherbourg, collector 50 th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

D-DAY 50th

from € 650.00
le parapluie de cherbourg, collector moire in beige

The Milady en Moire

from € 650.00
model ombrelle open ecru curved handle

The Umbrella

from € 370.00