Why choose a UV-resistant umbrella?

The sun is essential to human health, but prolonged exposure to its rays is harmful! The anti-UV umbrella keeps you dry in the rain, while blocking the path of ultraviolet radiation. Even in the rain, UVA and UVB rays attack skin cells.

What is an anti-UV umbrella? How do I use this type of umbrella? Are there folding UV umbrellas and golf UV umbrellas? Here's what you need to know about UV-protected umbrellas.

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What is a UV umbrella?

The anti-UV umbrella is a specific type of umbrella. Its canvas coating blocks a large proportion of the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. The most effective products also filter out the UVB rays responsible for sunburn.

Be careful not to confuse UV umbrellas with parasols and parasols: parasols and umbrellas are made of canvas, and serve only to protect you from exposure to the sun. Not all parasols and umbrellas guarantee strong UV protection. An anti-UV umbrella is a 2-in-1 waterproof item, blocking both rain and ultraviolet rays.

How do you know if an umbrella is UV-resistant?

When an umbrella is UV-resistant, the seller indicates the degree of protection on the packaging. The intensity of photo-protection is expressed as :

  • a percentage (for example, 99% UVB and UVA blocking),
  • or a high SPF/UPF protection factor.

Anti-UV umbrella canopies are often made from a patented fabric. If the manufacturer specifies which material it is, do a search on the Internet to find out its properties against ultra-violet rays.

If no photo-protection is claimed in an umbrella's data sheet, it's not a true UV-protection umbrella.

What are the advantages of a UV umbrella?

More and more umbrellas are available with UV protection. Here are the reasons for this umbrella's popularity.

Its efficiency

The first reason to buy an anti-UV umbrella is its effectiveness against the dangers of UVB and UVA rays. These rays attack skin tissue. They cause damage to the epidermis. The risks are :

  • sunburn,
  • burns and skin irritations,
  • premature aging of the skin,
  • melanoma or skin carcinoma, which can develop into skin cancer.

Please note: during the summer, the anti-UVA and anti-UVB umbrella does not replace other protection, such as sunglasses. This type of umbrella completes your equipment when you're out in the sun. If you're wearing clothing that exposes the skin (such as a tank top), use sunscreen in addition to your anti-UV umbrella.

Its ease of use

All anti-ultraviolet umbrellas stop the majority of ultraviolet radiation (almost 100% for the best brands).

What's more, some anti-UV umbrellas block some of the heat generated by the sun's rays. Cooling models feature a heat shield, reducing the perceived temperature under the canopy by up to 40%.

If you select a large size, you will shelter two people under your UV umbrella, which protects both :

  • rain,
  • ultraviolet radiation,
  • and heat (for some brands).

Its versatility

UV umbrellas aren't just for vacations and sunny days. They're suitable for all seasons. The more you select a model with sturdy ribs, the more versatile the UV umbrella will be: it will shelter you from the rain during summer storms, but also during autumn storms.

If you want to use your UV umbrella as often as possible, opt for a model with an unobtrusive design. Sporty UV umbrellas don't go well with streetwear. If you choose a sober item, you'll be able to match it with all your clothes.

Its price

Thanks to the success of umbrellas with UV protection, the range has expanded. Many brands offer this product at prices ranging from one to three times the price.

Our advice: avoid low-priced UV-resistant models with fragile frames. Choose a mid-range wind-resistant umbrella, or a top-of-the-range UV-resistant umbrella that you'll keep for the rest of your life.

What types of UV umbrella are there?

UV umbrellas come in a wide range of styles. It's up to you to choose the item that best suits your tastes and needs for protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays.

 The folding UV umbrella

Do you travel to rainy or sunny places? Are you a frequent hiker? Slip a UV-resistant folding umbrella into your luggage or hiking bag. During your outdoor activities, you'll benefit from double protection against humidity and health-damaging ultraviolet rays.

UV-resistant folding umbrellas are the most compact models. They feature automatic opening and manual or automatic closing. These are the ultimate travel umbrellas. Once dried, folded and stored in their protective case, they take up very little space.

The classic UV-resistant umbrella

Non-folding UV umbrellas are bulkier than their folding counterparts. Nevertheless, these umbrellas have several advantages. They're sturdy, and often more elegant.

The classic UV umbrella is ideal if you have space to store it, for example:

  • the boot of your car,
  • a coat hook in the entrance of your home,
  • or a metal umbrella stand at the office.

Does it rain often in your area? Invest in two top-quality UV umbrellas: a classic model for everyday use, and a folding UV umbrella for weekend leisure activities.

The UV-resistant golf umbrella

Anti-UV golf umbrellas offer several guarantees:

  • protection against UVA and UVB rays,
  • foolproof sealing,
  • and good wind resistance.

This type of umbrella must be easy to handle and sturdy. Buy a lightweight, UV-resistant golf umbrella that's easy to carry around on the green. Choose products with metal poles, which are lighter than wood.

Don't forget to choose a model with an opaque, waterproof cover. More than just storage, the cover of your UV golf umbrella protects the cover when folded. By avoiding damage to your UV umbrella's canvas, you prolong its life and enhance its effectiveness.

Did you know? All our umbrellas are equipped with UV protection. For more details on the level of protection, go to our product specifications.