How to choose a windproof umbrella?

Wind is the number 1 enemy of umbrellas. When the weather's fickle, your umbrella can turn over and break. To prevent this, choose a wind-resistant umbrella.

How do you know if an umbrella model is gust-resistant? Is this the case for folding umbrellas? How does a storm umbrella work? And what's the best wind-resistant umbrella? All your questions are answered in our article on sturdy umbrellas.

What is a wind-resistant umbrella?

There are two kinds of windproof umbrellas:

  • anti-rollover models, designed not to roll over in the face of gusts of wind,
  • and unbreakable (or almost unbreakable) models, designed to bend or turn over without breaking.

In any case, the windproof umbrella remains intact even during storms. It's the umbrella for extreme conditions, such as an afternoon of fishing in the open sea, a hike with stormy showers or a sudden thunderstorm in town.

The advantage of a sturdy windproof umbrella is the comfort it provides in the event of torrential rain or strong winds. By always having this type of umbrella to hand, you're guaranteed to be protected!

Here's a tip: if you're an outdoor enthusiast, invest in a top-quality storm umbrella, and keep it handy at all times. You can place it permanently in the vestibule of your home, or in the boot of your car.

For leisure activities such as hiking, golf or hunting, we make protective covers to suit each model. These two straps allow you to keep your hands free, which can be very useful when hiking, traveling... After a storm, shake your windproof umbrella to rid it of moisture. Then store it in its cover and carry on with your activities until the next rain shower.

How can I be sure that an umbrella is windproof?

There are two ways to guarantee the wind resistance of a rollover umbrella:

  • make the umbrella with resistant fibers or metals,
  • test its reactions to extreme conditions.

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg uses these two levers: exceptional manufacturing, with robust components, and scientific testing. Each men's and women's windproof umbrella is subjected to high-intensity gusts in a wind tunnel. Then, only the most wind-resistant umbrella models are manufactured in the Cherbourg factory.

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg provides its customers with the results of its wind tunnel tests. For each brand umbrella, you can consult the maximum wind speed withstood during the test. So you know the degree of protection offered by each storm umbrella.

What is a rollover protection umbrella?

When the weather's rough, the anti-turnover umbrella is your ally. It withstands the most sudden gusts of wind, without bending or flipping over.

French umbrella manufacturers like Parapluie de Cherbourg use sturdy metal for their rollover-resistant umbrellas. The shaft is made of galvanized steel and the ribs of fiber for the L'Antibourrasque model (link to product page), or carbon steel ribs for certain models to ensure maximum strength.

An anti-rollover umbrella must be tested under real-life conditions, and then in the laboratory. Its frame is sufficiently stable and robust to ensure that the ribs never become deformed.

Compared with other windproof umbrellas, the advantage of the Antibourrasque umbrella is that it stays open in all circumstances. This model, the Antibourrasque, provides long-lasting protection from the rain during your outings. Depending on its diameter, it can keep one or two people dry.

Why use a storm umbrella?

As its name suggests, the storm umbrella is designed to protect you in the event of a storm. With it, you can face this weather phenomenon while staying dry. Even in the face of strong gusts and sudden precipitation, the storm umbrella remains intact and offers reliable protection.

Storm umbrellas aren't just for violent storms! Some models have a sober design, making them suitable for all occasions. Such is the case with the Antibourrasque. This storm umbrella from Parapluie de Cherbourg can withstand winds of up to 155 km/h. Apart from extreme conditions, you can also use it to shelter from drizzle, showers or light drizzle.

What are the toughest umbrellas?

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg makes umbrellas that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Here are the models that stand up best to gusty winds.

L'Antibourrasque: the most resistant of umbrellas

Handmade in Cherbourg, the Antibourrasque is the world's strongest umbrella. In wind tunnel tests, it withstands winds of 155 km/h without breaking! It's the ideal ally for enjoying all your outdoor leisure activities, whatever the weather conditions.

The Antibourrasque is so strong against the wind because it's made from extremely reliable materials. Its fiber frame can bend without breaking. The sturdy ribs are mounted on a galvanized steel mast.

There are many versions of the essential Antibourrasque:

- a classic version, available in 19 colors,
- and several models created in collaboration with Le Parapluie de Cherbourg's partners.

Collaborations include those with the Palais de l'Elysée, the Cadre Noir and the Saint James house in Normandy. We also created an Antibourrasque as a tribute to the Titanic, and another to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 1944 landings (the D-Day 75th).

Le Sport: a sturdy umbrella with a modern design

Like the Antibourrasque, the Sport is a Cherbourg umbrella designed to withstand strong gusts of wind, thanks to its galvanized steel mast and fiber reinforcement. Wind-tunnel tested, it can withstand winds of 140 km/h without breaking.

Three wind umbrellas: the Palace, the Golf and the Pébroque

All the umbrellas manufactured at the Manufacture du Parapluie de Cherbourg are renowned for their robustness. In addition to the Antibourrasque (155 km/h) and the Sport (140 km/h), here are three other models tested in wind gusts of 138 km/h: the Palace, the Golf and the Pébroque.

The Palace has a wide canopy and a curved rush handle. Another great windproof model, the Golf, with its straight beech handle, will appeal to fans of modern, sporty umbrellas. Finally, the Pébroque is the chicest of all windproof umbrellas. Its timeless charm makes it a must-have for city outings.