Is there an umbrella for two?

Some accessory brands make large umbrellas for two people. Such is the case of Manufacture du Parapluie in Cherbourg.

How to recognize an umbrella for two? What are umbrellas for when it rains? And what are the best 2-seater umbrellas for outdoor leisure activities? Thanks to our special report on XXL models, you'll know everything there is to know about these comfortable, original umbrellas.

What is a large umbrella?

A two-seater umbrella is characterized by the wide span of its canopy. Its canopy has a diameter of at least 100 cm, i.e. one meter wide. Thanks to its generous dimensions, the large umbrella can shelter up to two people from the rain.

Please note: don't confuse 2-seater umbrellas with longer umbrellas. You can find umbrellas with longer-than-average poles on the market. These models are suitable for tall people, but don't necessarily have a very wide canopy. Conversely, a wide umbrella can be fitted with a standard-size pole.

To be sure you're choosing a large umbrella for 2 people, consult its technical data sheet and observe its width. It should be over 100 centimetres.

You should also select a good-quality wide umbrella. As its ribs are longer than average, they need to be strong enough to withstand the vagaries of the weather (such as gales). Avoid large, low-priced umbrellas, and prefer handcrafted models made in France.

Why choose an umbrella for two?

The two-seater umbrella is one of the most popular models. Here are the reasons for the success of this type of umbrella.

Uncompromising comfort

Having a large umbrella with you at all times means you're protected from the rain while sheltering someone else (a friend, for example).

It's raining, and the person accompanying you doesn't have an umbrella? No problem: invite them under the canopy of your large umbrella, which comfortably protects two people from the damp. So you stay dry and your clothes don't get wet.

Once the shower or storm is over, quickly dry your 2-seater umbrella, then slip it into its carry bag. When you order your item, Le Parapluie de Cherbourg offers you a matching umbrella cover for two.

The pleasure of a stroll for two in the rain

Thanks to the umbrella for two, discover the joys of walking together in the rain. With your partner, a friend or a family member, snuggle up under the giant umbrella canopy and stroll wherever you like, whatever the season.

This umbrella lets you enjoy all your outings without worrying about the weather, savoring the conviviality and complicity of a moment together.

Consider a 2-person umbrella if you're golfing, fishing, hiking or mushroom-picking. It's also your ally for city activities, such as a business meeting or an afternoon of shopping.

What are the largest umbrellas at Parapluie de Cherbourg?

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg is a French brand. Its craftsmen hand-make umbrellas for 2 in the heart of the Normandy town. Whatever model you order, you can choose the color of your umbrella for two, and the shade of your embroidered initials.

Le Golf: a large sports umbrella 127 cm in diameter

The Palace has the same dimensions as the Golf: 127 centimetres wide, 102 centimetres high. More chic and urban, this two-person umbrella enhances your everyday outfits. It's a unisex umbrella, equally at home with a three-piece suit or an elegant dress.

Beneath its refined exterior, the Palace is a particularly sturdy two-seater umbrella. Thanks to its carbon steel ribs and steel shaft, it can withstand winds of up to 138 kilometers per hour in a wind tunnel.

Le Pébroque: a luxurious 2-person 115 cm umbrella

Here's the Pébroque, another large 2-person umbrella created by Parapluie de Cherbourg. Its wide taffeta canvas has a 1.15-meter span. It unfolds and folds manually, atop an attractive beechwood pole.

For this luxury model, the Normandy company has chosen a curved chestnut handle, embellished with a stamped ring and palladium-finished fittings. The mast is topped by a lambskin scrunchie, from which carbon steel ribs extend.

The Pébroque is the quintessential luxury two-seater umbrella for men.

Le Sport: 115 cm diameter for this 2-seater sports umbrella

The Sport is, in essence, the 2-person umbrella for sportsmen and women. Its framework of fiber (for the ribs) and galvanized steel (for the pole) withstands wind gusts of up to 140 km/hr. This sturdy structure is designed to bend without breaking, in the event of a storm or violent tempest.

Available in 10 different colors, the Sport for Two umbrella comes with a straight or curved handle, in Jura hornbeam or chestnut wood. When ordering, select the type of handle you prefer. Also specify whether you'd like to receive a carrying case to match your two-seater sport umbrella.

The Titanic Sport: a 115 cm wide collector's item

For fans of two-seater collectible umbrellas, the Titanic Sport is a must-have reference. This model has the same technical features as the Sport. It is embroidered with a series of motifs, retracing the voyage of the legendary liner.