Umbrella Maintenance and Repair

The Cherbourg Umbrella is a living heritage passed down from generation to generation.

This timeless work of art can be repaired throughout its life.

Every part of your Cherbourg umbrella can be replaced to make it as good as new, or to change its appearance, at your convenience. At the time of purchase, a warranty certificate is issued for each model, in your name. From the first two years of your Cherbourg Umbrella, it is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.

Once this period has elapsed, it is welcome to return it to the Manufacture for maintenance, at the best possible price and within the shortest possible time. Visit us at our Manufacture in Cherbourg, or have it shipped to you, and we'll return it in person or to your home. By offering this quality service, the brand ensures that its product becomes a living heritage, handed down from generation to generation.

Umbrella maintenance and repair

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