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La boutique du Parapluie de Cherbourg: choose your quality umbrella

Welcome to the Cherbourg umbrella store. Choose from our range of quality umbrellas. All our models are made in France, at our Manufacture in Cherbourg, and wind-tunnel tested for wind resistance.

Antibourrasque - Right Handle - Red


from €149

Le Voyageur

from €159
Le Ville open curved handle red maple

Le Ville

from €199


from €199
model milady red open curved handle

Le Milady

from €239
Elegant and refined Cherbourg Milord red umbrella for men

Le Milord

from €239
Cherbourg Golf sport red umbrella - elegant, high-quality and sturdy

Le Golf

from €269
The red open Palace

Le Palace

from €339
Le Demoiselle open curved handle red maple

Le Demoiselle

from €209


from €99

The Inseparable

from €199
le pébroque red open umbrella

Le Pébroque

from €299
travel umbrella élysée red

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg x Élysée

from €169
model anti bourrasque élysée open red right handle

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg x Élysée

from €159

Carrying case - Élysée

from €55

Carrying case - L'Inséparable

from €45