Windproof umbrellas

Windproof umbrella: your ally in defying bad weather

Rain or shine, enjoy your outdoor leisure activities with an essential accessory: a wind-resistant umbrella, made in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin from sturdy materials.

Which of our umbrellas is windproof?

The Antibourrasque, tested at 155 km/h

The Antibourrasque is the world's strongest umbrella. Subjected in a wind tunnel to winds of 155 km/h, this accessory won't break. As its name suggests, it's an anti-bourrasque umbrella for extreme conditions: storms, gusts... Nothing can resist it.
This wind-resistant umbrella owes its sturdiness to its frame. It is made of fiberglass, a material that bends without breaking. The Antibourrasque is handcrafted with a straight or curved wooden handle, and its canvas is available in 19 taffeta colors.

The Sport, tested at 140 km/h

The Sport features automatic opening and manual closing. You can unfold it quickly in the rain, during hiking, fishing and sports activities.
At the top of its galvanized steel mast is a set of fiber ribs. With this sturdy frame, the Sport withstood winds of up to 140 km/h in wind-tunnel tests.

The design of this automatic windproof umbrella makes it a perfect match for all your outdoor outfits. The Sport features a taffeta canopy, straight or curved handle, and fittings with ruthenium finishes.

Le Golf, Le Pébroque and Le Palace, tested at 138 km/h

The Antibourrasque and the Sport are our most wind-resistant umbrellas. The other models in our collection are not to be outdone! They are all wind-tunnel tested, and offer excellent resistance to gusts and squalls.
The Golf has a straight beech handle, and a wide canopy that can shelter two people. Like the Palace, it has a galvanized steel mast and solid carbon steel ribs.
The Pébroque also has carbon steel ribs, but we've given it a beech mast. Available in 10 chic colors, it combines luxury with solidity.
These three sturdy umbrellas can withstand winds of up to 138 km/h.

How are our umbrellas tested for wind resistance?

Wind tunnel tests

For each of our windproof umbrellas, we test its wind resistance in a laboratory wind tunnel.

During these performance tests, we subject the umbrella to winds of progressive intensity. We observe the reactions of the accessory, in particular its canopy and frame. We check that the ribs don't break, and that the mast remains straight.

In each individual product sheet, we indicate the maximum wind speed tolerated by the umbrella without bending or breaking. So you know which weather conditions your Cherbourg umbrella can withstand.

Solidity guaranteed by our know-how

Wind tunnel tests show that our umbrellas are extremely resistant to wind, even violent gusts.

We owe the reliability of our wind and windshield umbrellas to the high quality of the materials we use. These components are assembled by hand, by a small team of men and women, in our workshop in the heart of Cherbourg.

From cutting the canopy, sewing the sides and attaching the ribs to the canopy, to checking the finished product, it takes around forty steps to make a windproof umbrella like the Cherbourg.

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