Cadre Noir – Limited Edition

From 170,00 TTC

Resulting from a partnership with Le Parapluie de Cherbourg, this umbrella has been designed to complete the “classic” Cadre Noir Saumur Collection range with brio.


This L’Antibourrasque model reflects the image of both brands in terms of excellence and performance. Handmade, this limited edition holds a black polyester taffeta dress with 10,500 stitches of Cadre Noir embroidery. The ruthenium ring and its straight Jura hornbeam handle give this model an extra touch of elegance.

Détails :

  • Resistance to the wind : tested with winds up to 155 km/h (≈ 96.3 mph)
  • Diameter : 102 cm
  • Height : 90 cm
  • Weight : 525 gr
  • Handle : straight in Jura hornbeam
  • Fittings with ruthenium finish