Le Parapluie de Cherbourg x Cadre Noir

The result of a partnership with Le Véritable Cherbourg, this is the world's toughest umbrella, designed to complement the "classic" Cadre Noir Saumur Collection range to perfection.

170,00 INCL. VAT

Initials embroidery

Wire color*

Gift wrapping

Total cost 170,00€
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This special edition is the result of a collaboration between Le Parapluie de Cherbourg and Cadre Noir. This Antibourrasque model is extremely resistant (wind tunnel tested at over 150 km/h) . It reflects the image of both brands in terms of excellence and performance. Hand-crafted, this limited edition features a black polyester taffeta dress with 10,500 stitches of Cadre Noir embroidery. The ruthenium ring and straight Jura hornbeam handle give this model an extra touch of elegance.