Porsche Casting Deauville 2019

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L’Antibourrasque” “Porsche Casting Deauville 2019” special edition umbrella with a “Porsche” embroidery and a “Porsche Club Normandie” laser engraving.



This “L’Antibourrasque” umbrella is a “Porsche Casting Deauville 2019” special edition with a “Porsche” embroidery and a “Porsche Club Normandie” laser engraving. Indeed, the brand has chosen its most resistant model – tested with winds up to 155km/h (≈ 96.3 mph) – to protect Porsche collaborators. This special series comes in 4 different colours – navy blue, ocean blue, yellow and red – and is adorned with a handle made out of Jura hornbeam. Home delivery or pick up (no shipping fees charged) at our Porsche Casting stand in Deauville on May 24th, 25th and 26th. Order before May 6th included.



  • Resistance to the wind: tested with winds up to 155 km/h (≈ 96.3 mph)
  • Straight handle made out of Jura hornbeam
  • Fittings with ruthenium grey finish
  • Diameter 100 cm / 4’’
  • Height 90 cm / 4’’
  • Weight 510 gr / 1.12 lb


• Secured transportation box
• Double-wall corrugated cardboard box
• Recycled paper
• Umbrella wrapped in shock-resistant bubble wrap

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Here is some advice from the brand to choose your Véritable Cherbourg. You can choose the most suitable model according to your size and lifestyle. Folding umbrella, automatic opening feature, chic, sporty …
The Le Véritable Cherbourg men and women’s umbrella collection has grown over time. Folding umbrella, automatic opening feature, golf, very large, sporty, anti-storm, chic … With each personality comes its umbrella. Black, red, pink, blue, white … This luxury item comes in around twenty different colours. And according to the model you choose, a corresponding cover is also available on sale.
Not only are they handy and resistant, they are also fashion accessories that great luxury houses cherish. Rain drops swiftly drip down their shimmering canopies, their carbon-steel ribs show ultimate resistance and their handles are made out of precious woods. The Le Véritable Cherbourg umbrella – with its chic à la française – is already travelling everywhere in the world. Very resistant, automatic or manual opening-closing feature, curved or straight handle … Numerous details of undeniable importance that will help you make your choice.
Le Pliant folding umbrella is collapsible, automatic and handy when travelling as it can easily fit into a bag. Large and chic, the Sport Auto model is a must-have accessory for gentlemen. Le Pébroque is one of the largest and most luxurious umbrellas of the collection… Ladies, sophisticated and feminine, Le Milady will find its place in your wardrobes… The range of Cherbourg umbrellas conceals pretty jewels waiting to be discovered.
Le Véritable Cherbourg is an umbrella which is made in France and available on our online boutique*. You can also discover and handle the Parapluie de Cherbourg in our Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon retail outlets as well as thirty resellers across France and abroad.
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