A Cherbourg Umbrella, a symbolic object

A Cherbourg umbrella is also a family heirloom, an object imbued with benevolence by its very symbolism. When we give one to a loved one, we're giving them shelter and a companion in uncertain times.

As well as being the guarantor of all your adventures, it's not unusual for this emblematic object to become an heirloom thanks to its high quality and sturdiness, and for lovely family stories to be written around its handle, which develops a patina over time.

Le Parapluie de Cherbourg spoils you

This New Year, Le Parapluie de Cherbourg wanted to spoil you by offering the winner an Antibourrasque umbrella in the color of their choice. We wanted to give one of you the chance to give this travel companion a story. 

We've called this competition "Once upon a time". At La Manufacture, we're curious to hear your fondest travel memories and stories of sharing our dear, tender umbrellas. We've asked you to send us an e-mail until midnight on January 23, 2022. On January 24, one of our talented little hands, our boutique manager Julia, drew the lucky winner.

The winner's sweet poem

Rainy day, windy day

Winter here is usually like this

To withstand the elements

To be able to leave my apartment, my shelter 

I wish I had some magical power

Not an invisibility cloak, but a climate shield 

During the day, anything to get away from the humidity

But how can we protect ourselves from it?

From my home, through the window, looking up

All day long, in my head and in my heart, a miracle is hoped for

Day after day, down to the bone, during my walks in town, the rain soaked me

Day after day, my body and mind sadly emptied.

And then, with its lights and illuminated shop windows, Christmas arrived.

More than wet, it's impossible to take full advantage of all this.

For a gift to give me on this beautiful evening

Friends and children gathered

Under the tree, lit by a thousand balls

Like an enchanted tube, beautifully packaged

Like a dream that seems to come true

I open this package, I feel vibrated

It's beautiful... No, it's sumptuous, it looks so solid.

I feel like I'm going to be able to wander the streets and face the rain and the Covid.

The next day, and every day from now on

I'm going to survey my city and go through life, with my friend, my Cherbourg umbrella.

Richard C.

The story continues

We've been delighted with every story, and we're delighted to see that you've enjoyed sending us your memories, just as much as we've enjoyed reading them. So, even though the competition is over, you can still send us your sweet memories by e-mail to : iletaitunefois@leparapluiedecherbourg.com.

We'll be delighted to share them on our social networks throughout the year. 

Kind regards,

The entire Le Parapluie de Cherbourg team