Le Demoiselle

From 209,00 TTC

Le Demoiselle is the smallest of models, designed exclusively for women and children. It reflects the traditional and authentic charm of umbrellas.



The “Le Demoiselle” model represents the classic umbrella but with a small size for less bulk.

Female model.

Handcrafted in our Manufacture in Cherbourg, France.


  • Resistance to the wind: tested with winds up to 130 km/h (≈ 80.8 mph)
  • Curved handle made out of rush
  • Fittings with 18-carat gold finish
  • Diameter 90 cm / 35.4’’
  • Height 80 cm / 31.5’’
  • Weight 470 gr / 1.04 lb


• Secured transportation box
• Double-wall corrugated cardboard box
• Recycled paper
• Umbrella wrapped in shock-resistant bubble wrap