Le Demoiselle

The Demoiselle is the smallest umbrella designed for women and children. It reflects the traditional, authentic charm of umbrellas.

250,00 INCL. VAT

Matching cover

Initials embroidery

Wire color*

Gift wrapping

Total cost 250,00€
Picto Warranty
2-year warranty
against all manufacturing defects, with lifetime after-sales service.

Technical data

Wind resistance

wind-tunnel tested up to 130 km/h


Manual opening / Manual closing


Wooden mast (beech) and steel ribs




Maple curve (natural wood)


stamped ring finished in 18-carat fine gold


80 cm


90 cm


470 g

The "Le Demoiselle" model represents the classic umbrella, but in a smaller size to take up less space.

It was one of the princesses' most prized accessories: the umbrella. Lightweight and resolutely feminine, the Demoiselle model appeals to today's woman, from 7 to 77 and beyond. From its delicate lines to the finesse of its materials, this beautiful women's umbrella has been designed to take up as little of the wearer's arm as possible. This chic women's umbrella protects, reassures and gives its owner a chic allure and assertive character.

Women's umbrellas are the finishing touch to French elegance. Renowned for its sturdiness, this object with its precious finish is the daily ally of the modern woman. An umbrella for every personality... That's why this model is available in 19 colors. Perfectly adapted to children's needs, its size makes it easy to find in the hands of the youngest. A classic, chic and timeless model to give or to treat yourself to!

Ladies' model.
Handcrafted in our factory in Cherbourg, France.

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