From 239,00 TTC

Le Milord is the umbrella of the gallant man’s accomplice. Elegant and refined, you will notice its beautiful finishes.


Of supreme elegance, it accompanies you with chic, in your various travels. Its top-of-the-range interior and exterior finishes will make “Le Milord” the ideal accessory for these gentlemen.

Détails :

  • Resistance to the wind : tested with winds up to 125 km/h (≈ 77.7 mph)
  • Diameter : 105 cm
  • Height : 94 cm
  • Weight : 554 gr
  • Handle : curved Chestnut wood or Rush
  • Fittings with ring stamped and finished in Ruthémium (Chestnut handle) or Chrome (Rush handle)
  • Opening and closing : Manual
  • Armature : Wooden mast (beech) and solid carbon steel ribs
  • Fabric : Taffetas
  • Protections : Lamb leather scrunchie and taffeta shells