From 299,00 TTC

Le Pebroque is the luxurious and sturdy umbrella dedicated to men.


Large umbrella, with a magnificent finish, to accompany an elegant man in all circumstances. The model “Le Pebroque” is one of the most luxurious and largest umbrellas in Cherbourg, it will be ideal for you, who appreciate luxury and refinement.

This large umbrella with its curved rush handle and its precious finishing touches is an essential on the gentleman’s arm. Large enough to accommodate two people, it is the ally of the thoughtful and romantic man. The Pebroque is a real jewel.



Details :

  • Resistance to the wind : tested with winds up to 138 km/h (≈ 85.7 mph)
  • Diameter : 115 cm
  • Height : 98 cm
  • Weight : 720 gr
  • Handle : curved in Beech
  • Fittings with stamped ring and Palladium finishes
  • Opening and closing : Manual
  • Armature : Wooden mast (beech) and solid carbon steel ribs
  • Fabric : Taffetas
  • Protections : Lamb leather scrunchie